• Jenessa Stark

The Easiest Ethical Eating Tip of All Time

Between worrying about what’s good for your body and for the planet, being in charge of what you eat can feel overwhelming. It’s enough to make you crave simpler days when your parents cut the crusts off your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and nobody argued about what can be called milk.

Nowadays we spark heated debates in our minds and with other people about which foods are superior. Omnivores face off against plant-based eaters, creating a divide. Even with the rise of the flexitarian, misleading food labels make it hard to eat according to your values.

Let’s make ethical eating simple.

Rather than sticking to hard and fast rules, try one simple guideline that anyone on any diet can practice.

This tip will very likely transform the way you plan, prepare and eat your meals. It’s also the sure-fire easiest way we can all take a step toward eating more ethically.

The best part is, it isn’t even a rule, but a guideline. You can feel good when you’re able to do it, but don’t stress when you can’t.

Ready? Okay.

Eat one protein per meal.

To clarify, this means main protein sources—the things that fall into the protein section of the food pyramid.

Not mixing your proteins isn’t a new idea. A kosher diet restricts eating meat with dairy. An Ayurvedic diet prescribes avoiding several food combinations, including mixing proteins.

Outside of religious context, the food combining philosophy is that eating some foods together in the same meal is harder to digest and should be avoided. While there’s not a whole lot of science to back this theory up, it also won’t do any harm to separate your eggs from your bacon.

Planet friendly meal planning, simplified.

It’s impossible to calculate the exact positive environmental impact of spreading a variety of proteins out over different meals. What is clear is that we live in a protein-obsessed world, leading some people to eat more than their daily recommended protein intake. On top of that, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted. Overeating and food waste contribute to our impact on the planet.

By simplifying our protein, we make meal planning and preparation easier. With less cluttered refrigerators, we can better keep track of food that might otherwise spoil. When we eat intentionally, our health benefits while our environmental impact decreases.

Don’t stress. It’s only a guideline.

You might recall that picking one protein isn’t a rule, but a guideline. This means you don’t have to give up that dusting of parmesan over your chicken penne or give up your beloved family quiche recipe. This is absolutely not another restriction to make dining out more complicated. Simply be conscious of how many proteins you’re eating per meal when you cook at home, and spread them out as much as feels right. At the end of the day, it’s between you and your stomach to decide if you need cheese on that burger.

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