Disney World Going Vegan

Piece by Florian Nock

Imagine planning a trip with your family to Disney World. These moments are magic for several reasons: you spend time with the people you love in an enchanting environment, you eat delicious and satisfying food and you’re well-received by quality customer service. It will be a wonderful time you’ll remember for years. For Vegan families, this has been a different story for many years as finding plant-based food options has been difficult in Mickey’s World…

Conscious about the impact of meat on the environment and a growing population going vegan, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are now offering more than 500 plant-based food items from October 2019.

Finding vegan options at Disney World has been challenging since 1971...

As written on DisneyParksBlog, this news is exciting for many foodies, especially for people embracing a plant-based diet. Since Disney Worlds' inception, finding vegan food has been challenging. When planning their days to the theme park, some vegan families preferred packing their own food, rather than struggling checking the menu and asking chefs for special options. While there have always been plant-based options available at Disney World, these food items were not that easy to find.

Asking chefs for special options, asking for a normal menu without animal-based food or simply relying on fruits and snacks has been the main solution.

People relied on blogs and videos when looking for plant-based options. Megan, author of VeganDisneyFood.com said in an interview: “

I think Disney has been making great strides. Two and a half years, when I switched over to a Vegan diet, I was like - will I be able to eat at my favourite place on earth? There were items but you had to ask a Chef about them or you had to modify them. There weren’t that many that were truly vegan at that time.”

The time of having to ask for non-allergic options to avoid dairy and eggs is now over. Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort are now offering more than 500 plant-based food items.

How to find these food options? Easy as a vegan pie, just follow the green leaf.

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