• Jenessa Stark

7 Celebrities Leading the Sustainable Food Revolution

Michelle Obama

It is always inspiring to see our favorite celebrities doing their part to save the planet. These 7 stars continue to exemplify through their spirited contributions to the environmental movement. From establishing influential organizations to raising millions of dollars for various environmental causes, they have all used their clout in undeniably positive ways.

Michelle Obama

America’s former First Lady is an outspoken advocate for improving children’s nutrition. She is passionate about raising a healthier generation of kids.

Her Lets Move! campaign while in the White House helped parents and children make healthier choice, provided better food in school, and increased accessibility and affordability to nutritious fare.

These celebrities believe that food has the power to make or break our health and the health of the planet - and we couldn’t agree more!

Natalie Portman

A leading activist, Portman has earned several awards for her social work from all over the world. An ardent advocate for animal rights, she has been a vegetarian since she was eight years old and a vegan since 2009.

In 2007, she launched her brand of vegan footwear due to lack of ethical choices when it came to footwears. Portman is also an active supporter of environmental groups like Global Green USA.

Jessica Alba

The renowned Hollywood actress co-founded The Honest Company alongside environmental scientist Christopher Gavigan. The company takes pride in creating a wide range of sustainable products that are transparent and ethically sourced.

The Honest Company is committed to "reducing the presence of toxic chemicals in our work environment, minimizing waste, and maximizing (re)use materials."

Novak Djokovic

The plant-powered tennis champion has been a great ambassador for veganism. Like Hamilton the Serbian is also an executive producer in filmmaker James Cameron’s documentary “The Game Changers.”

In a recent interview, Djokovic revealed that he has been enjoying vegan food for a number of years now but also said that he likes to stay away from the labels.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

One of the most recognizable faces in showbiz and politics, Schwarzenegger is one of the leading members of the sustainable food revolution. Arnold recently announced he is 90% vegan and he is trying to cut down on his meat consumption.

The “Terminator” has spotlighted the urgency of the global issue of meat consumption and its negative toll on the environment.

Michael Kors

The American fashion designer was named a Global Ambassador Against Hunger for the United Nations World Food Program in 2015.

Since launching in 2013, the Watch Hunger Stop campaign has provided over 10 million meals through WFP’s School Meals Program.

Lewis Hamilton

The five-time Formula 1 champion changed his diet in 2017 at the age of 33 to strictly follow a plant-based diet. Hamilton also co-produced the vegan documentary “The Game Changers” alongside Jackie Chan.

The Vegan king of the racetrack says he is “healthier and happier” than ever thanks to the benefits of a vegan diet he wishes he’d started sooner.

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