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5 Eco-Conscious Food Bloggers to Inspire Your Home Cooking and Everyday Choices

Eating the right things can be complicated, especially in this day and age. These food warriors have inspired countless people to try out vegan lifestyles through their sustainable and amazing recipes.

From raw foods to healthy versions of comfort foods, these bloggers will surely have something for you.

Gemma Davis

The author of her blog, “The Compassionate Road”, Gemma Davis excels in an engaging writing style that spans from sustainable lifestyle to vegan recipes.

Gemma is a naturopath, yoga teacher and co-author of The Compassionate Kitchen. Her surprisingly easy and delicious vegan recipes are sure to leave you wanting for more.

Gena Hamshaw

Gena is a certified nutritionist who specializes in plant-forward eating. She’s on a mission to help make vegan cooking accessible, rewarding and fun.

Her background coupled with a great writing style and design aesthetic makes her blog, “The Full Helping”, a must read for every vegan enthusiast.

Anthea Cheng

Anthea comes from a family of food enthusiasts and has a passion for innovative raw dessert recipes which she showcases, on her blog “Rainbow Nourishment”.

She recently published her first cookbook “Incredible Plant-Based Desserts” and has travelled world-wide to host workshops.


Originally Egyptian, Nada was born and raised in the island kingdom of Bahrain. Her simple, healthy, and plant-based recipes inspired by Middle Eastern flavors make her content unique.

Her blog, “One Arab Vegan” which started as an outlet to chronicle her misadventures in beginning a vegan lifestyle has evolved into a blog that celebrates her passion for traditional Middle Easter cuisine with a healthy, plant-based twist.

Indulge in these blogs from plant-forward food warriors to inspire your home cooking and everyday choices. Bon appétit!

Kathy Patalsky

Kathy Patalsky is the creator of the lifestyle blog HealthyHappyLife. Kathy’s blog offers massive archives and tons of free resources which consists of vegan recipes and lifestyle choices.

She is author of two cookbooks – 365 Vegan Smoothies and Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen and has featured in numerous TV shows and news outlets.

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